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We need your input! View the Proposed Scenarios to learn more about the proposed changes to CCRTA bus routes.


Fleet Forward 2022 is a Long-Range Transit Plan for our region, an effort of the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority to identify how transit service can be improved for the community. 

Over the next nine months, the project team will be completing a comprehensive evaluation of current service to develop recommendations aimed at providing more convenient and efficient transit for Corpus Christi. The study will also include a review of ridership numbers and market conditions.

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Public engagement and input are also major components of Fleet Forward 2022, including on-board surveys, public meetings, and stakeholder discussions. Information gathered from these activities will be used to develop a strategic plan to guide service improvements and expansion through 2040.


We encourage you to use this site to learn about this project and provide your comments and feedback to improve future service. 

We are proposing route changes and we need your input!

The team used existing conditions data and feedback from you to develop alternative operating scenarios to the existing bus service operated by CCRTA. Learn more about the proposed scenarios to provide your thoughts and suggest potential improvements.

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Why is Fleet Forward 2022 needed?

The Corpus Christi region is already home to more than 400,000 people, and new residents and workers (in addition to technology developments affecting transportation) are bringing new opportunities and challenges for our current system. This effort will prepare Corpus Christi for future challenges while also improving transportation options, helping our community’s residents be better connected to jobs, services, and educational opportunities. 

Project Schedule


Public & Stakeholder Outreach

Round 1


Public & Stakeholder Outreach

Round 2




JUNE 2022

State of the System Report


Final Report


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